Last minute tragedy…

So it was race day and all was calm in camp renegade. Our robot was working and well built. The only issue we had was that the front sensor wasn’t forward enough. With it being 9 in the morning all of us in the group assumed that 2 sensors wouldn’t take 6 hours to mount and get working…………..WRONG!!!!!

As we began to mount the front senor after much testing it was apparent that this wasn’t going to work with the switch in the way and that color sensors were to be put on each side at the front. Doing this would cause a lot of issues as our steel ramp was in the way. After many efforts they fit and we began testing again. Using the voltmeter we were getting a great range out of the signal, ranging from .05V – 4.3V. But when it was on the sumo table it didn’t work………there was something wrong with the code. Once the code was adjusted there was no range on the signal staying at 0.55V. This continued back and forth for 4 hours and the fight was getting close. Eventually we got everything working and were ready to go.


  1. Our Robot ran right off the table
  2. Wouldn’t run – just completely stop
  3. Forfeit
  4. Forfeit

These results were so disheartening. We had tested the robot out several times before the match even beating everyone we faced. Still an unknown reason our robot ran right off the table and stopped working. The most basic of code was put in after the match and still nothing. All the connections were checked, so the only thing I could think of was that the chip blew.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. What I’ve learned from my experience in doing this project is that the basics and fundamentals should be done to 100% perfection before even thinking on making improvements. I believe as a team we all wanted to do our best and by that we came up with all different ideas. But what was needed was high torque and lots of weight as after all it is Robo sumo. If I was to do it again I would have delegated a sensor each per person and for them to be an expert on each sensor and share an over view with the team. Then the design would be heavy, high torque with a simple design. Combining that with precision sensors I felt we would have done better and enjoyed it more.

All in all I really enjoyed the atmosphere for this project. It was enjoyable to walk into class on a Friday morning for Johns comedy show and to grab a coffee and then go down to play with robots. In college we tend to read a lot about applications but very rarely see them. The first time I really was amazed was when I got how a color sensor worked. It really blew my mind of how such a small trick with voltage drop could have such a diverse application. Robosumo was my favorite part of the week and would like to thank Dave, John, Ted and Damon for all there help


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