Week 4: Just around the corner

On Friday our class was cancelled. But due to the tight schedule with the battle to the wall and back was next Friday a 2 hour workshop was held in the afternoon. This actually turned out to be a better for our team as very few people showed up which gave us more one on one time with the lecturers to ask questions and to trouble shoot.

So as to keep up with last week’s new habits we started off with assigning each of us tasks. It was Sean first, it was his job to look up the plan of attack for the drawing design of the robo, which as of right now is still quite in the junior stage of development being, two wheels, a front roller and a bread board mounted on a flat plate that’s attached to the twin motor. Ronan was writing and testing code. Unfortunately our team was having a lot of trouble with the code and after a while trouble-shooting it with our lecturer it was decided that Ronans code was perfect. Our analysis found that there was 4 volts on the singular motor but when attached to our twin motor that we are using for the race there was a huge volt drop leaving only 2.2V on the motor. To counter act this we thought it would be best to use a 9V battery. This problem turned out to be a blessing as I believe nobody thinks they can use anything over 5V giving us a huge advantage. To be honest if it was up to me the robo would be running off enriched uranium haha. The 9V battery was also was a lot more compact as well as leaving more space and less weight. Also there was the problem with contradicting voltages which left us at a loss. After 10 minutes of deliberation with David we just put it down to charged capacitors on the Arduino board. I myself was working on the actual practical design of the robo by taking it apart and trying to see where it can be improved. I found that the board that was mounted on the roller was far too heavy and unnecessary and that the roller on the front would not do as it would be far too unstable when it hit the wall. To counter act this I decided we should put front wheels on it and that the wheels should be of a similar size to add stability. Our robo is now looking very compact and stable and with the 9V battery I’m positive we will win.


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