We started the day by focusing on getting the switch to work. We began by by putting a volt meter across the switch and seeing if there was a difference in the open and closed state of the switch. After installing the switch we moved onto our main goal of the day, of making the motor go forward and reverse with a delay with C code so we can determine the “On” and “Off” rather than constantly switching between the two states as its 6000 cycles a second. The first piece of code we applied didn’t seem to have any effect, nor did the second small adjustment. We spent the following hour altering and debugging the code to no avail. We then went back to the circuitry and found out that our voltage divider was giving out 5 volts and that the soldering on the voltage divider leg had been partly been broken. After soldering it back together it still wasn’t working. As a group we came to the conclusion that the voltage divider chip was exposed to too high of a heat, causing damage from the solder. After applying the new voltage divider to the circuit the class was over. It was quite discouraging as the class felt like one step forward and 2 steps back. But with that beginning said there was a lot to be understood while problem solving especially with the coding. My soldering skills have definitely improved too. Hopefully in the next class there will be a huge leap as we’ve resolved a lot of issues


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