Day 1 of Robosimo

My name is David Greenan, I’m a 27 year old engineering student in DIT studying Electrical and Control engineering. This is my first blog about the Robosimo project I’m undertaking. The first task of the day was to assemble a micro controller circuit on a breadboard and then connect it to a launch pad. The two power inputs we had were 3volts and the other 5volts which we placed on the opposite sides of the bread board. One from a battery pack and the other from the usb. In the beginning all in our group took part in assembling the diodes, capacitor, resistors and wire into the pins of the processors whilst checking each others work, saving time on trouble shooting at the end. It then became apparent that the was a discrepancy between the photos and the schematic. A voltage divider chip was needed. The VD chip legs were too small for the breadboard and needed pin extensions soldered onto it. This was my main job of the day and was my first experience soldering. I found the process quite difficult and patience was key. I had to be extra careful not to over heat the chip itself and damage it. The process took me 25 minutes in total. To find out if the chip worked we put it into the circuit and measured 3.4volts across the ground and the signal pin of the voltage divider. Once that was done a capacitor was put between the live and ground to smooth out noise. Motor 1 was ready to be programmed…….It was straight forward enough only having to adjust on or two lines of the code given to us. One thing I will coincide is that coding is not my strongest area and that i learnt a lot in doing this and how much more I need to understand.


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